Ten Silly Reasons To Get Married

If you are a single desi in your twenties, you are probably tired of hearing “Shaadi kab hai beta?” or “Shaadi kar lo?” This happens when you finally graduate, its worse when you get a job and even worse when you buy a brand new car. If your cousins married, your subjected to “You’re next beta!!!” and social functions constantly having aunties and uncles on the look out to find you a suitable mate, since we all know their first question is: “Baat pakki ho gai kya?”

So, if any of these ten reasons are why you are considering getting married ladies and gents, think again wisely please!

10. Because “Log Kya Kahenge?”

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Yeh “ LOG”  mar kyun nahi jaate”


9. Because you need someone to take care of you
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Why would I get married to take care of someone else, its hard enough waking up in the mornings.


8.Because you wont be able to conceive a baby once you cross a “fertile” age
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Now that I’ve listened to you about marriage, you’re going to harass me until I have a child. Why can’t I be single and adopt?

7.Because all your friends are married now
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Who cares, we all know they wish they were single again half the time?


6.Because all your siblings and cousins are married and now its “ your” turn
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I will find someone when they are meant for me, not because I’m in line.


5.Because no one will send a rishta you if you are “too old”

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Since when is 22 old?

4.Because you have a job and you can AFFORD to have a family, your siblings can ONLY get married once you are married
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Why does this rule exist still? Are we in the 1920’s still?

3. Because your parents are concerned about your future

If you are so concerned, why would you want me to get married without my own happiness or care?


2.Because your siblings can ONLY get married once you are married
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Just answer one question: Why?

1.Because its your DADI & NANI`S last wish to see you married

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If you fulfill this wish, they will have another wish to play with your kids.

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